PicsArt MOD APK 25.1.3v Free Download (Gold Premium Unlocked) 2024

Most people are fond of taking pictures and making videos. Then look for some cool editors that change their simple pictures to attractive ones. This is the era of AI so I’m using an app known as PicsArt MOD APK that contains all AI-developed tools. It has fully unlocked all premium features that give you access to unlimited funny stickers, font sizes and colours, filters, and no watermarks.

You can find all of these features, plus the ability to batch edit and export high-resolution images, in the Pro APK Version. The app is compatible with all devices besides Android devices you can use it on PC, iOS, iPhone, and MacBook. It doesn’t require any extra tool to remove the background of images.

Everything is possible with the help of AI-generated tool. Get the app quickly with the given download button and start editing your pictures and videos to provide attractive look.

PicsArt mod apk

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Android 6.0

Furthermore, we also have the Picsart app for iOS and the Picsart app for PC on our website.

What is the PicsArt app?

The Picsart app plays an excellent role in photo editing and you can use many tools and features to resize images or trim videos. You can remove any picture background with the help of AI tools and can add multiple filters and AI effects.

Among all photo and video editing software, the PicsArt app stands out with its unique features unavailable in other applications. In the Picsart app, there is a huge list of unique features like you can do photo editing, video editing, collage making, sticker making, drawing tools, text and fonts, AI Power Tool, and share editing content on social media.

The presence of AI features like filters and effects helps to edit content in no time. You can remove any impurities from your skin with the help of AI masks and brushes. Moreover, editing your unique content without any logo and sharing it to your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook and several other platforms as well.

What is the Picsart MOD APK?

If you are interested in photo editing and are a newbie in this field, this app suits you. It has premium features and tools that can best edit pictures and videos and make them prominent. Picsart Pro APK is better than other editing apps due to its easy-to-use layout and wide range of extensive features. Some pro features of this mod version are below:

  • You will use the app without any ads.
  • Complete access to all the premium features.
  • There will be no watermark on videos.
  • You can quickly get full access to all its tools.

What is PicsArt Gold Premium?

Picsart Gold Premium is the latest version of Picsart which is a photo editor, consisting of many tools and features not available in the free version, which you can use to improve your photo editing skills.

You are also provided with many integrated features, tools, brushes, fonts, sizes, animations, etc. To use Picsart Gold Premium, you can access it freely without any subscription. You can improve your photo editing skills with its premium features.

Features of PicsArt MOD Pro APK


This premium version of PicsArt MOD APK is free from any kind of ads and saves you from any kind of distraction while editing projects. Now you can work fluently without wasting any time in skipping the ads PicsArt Mod Apk provides an environment where you can feel free and comfortable. You won’t see any ads. This is the main feature of this app.

No Watermark

When you edit images or videos in simple version of PicsArt then you will see a logo or watermark on them while exporting. But this latest version of PicsArt has no watermark that makes your editing content a unique one.

Access to premium Features

You must be thinking about buying a subscription to access its premium features. But let me tell you you can access them freely without any cost because that is the speciality of this updated version. It has free content totally unlocked without and all features are present in an unlimited range.


Now, convert your images or videos into AI GIFs with the help of the PicsArt AI generator. It doesn’t take you much time and you can do it effortlessly within a few seconds.

Social Community and sharing

The social community of the app is really amazing where people share their edited images and videos to get suggestions on it. Moreover, while making interaction with the community you can ask about any kind of problem that you are facing while using the app. On the other hand, the app also has sharing options to share videos or photos directly to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

User-friendly interface

Both novices and professionals can use this app due to its user-friendly interface. While navigating through its advanced tools you can use its easy-to-use layout without any prior experiment. Both novices and professionals can use this app due to its user-friendly interface. While navigating through its advanced tools you can use its easy-to-use layout without any prior experiment.

Enjoy the Sketch Feature

In the PicsArt mod app, you will also get a sketch feature to change your image and selfie into a sketch. You can put sketches in any colour, and you will enjoy this feature very much.

Drawing Features

People interested in drawing and want to enjoy this feature that is given to you in PicsArt pro-APK, where you can draw with many brushes and enjoy your art.

AI Photo and Video Editor

PicsArt AI is a great photo plus video editor that works well for people of all skill levels. This dual nature of the app has made it more popular in the world. Now you can use AI filters, stickers, and a wide collection of trending effects to make your content more engaging.

This updated version provides 1000 tools ranging from color effects or text to AI removal objects.

Enhance Low-Quality Images

Resolution and quality must be high to make your content more attractive. When I take a picture it is of very low quality then I edit it with PicsArt to enhance its quality. You can balance the colors, and sharp tools and can transform the simple look of your images and videos into stunning visuals.

Create Your Own AI Avatars

You will never find this feature in any other editor except PicsArt. Create your own AI avatar and personalize it by customizing its accessories, facial features, outfits hairstyles, etc.

Create Collage

You want your multiple pictures in one place then choose them and make a collage of it and transform all of these pictures into a single one. Users can choose templates of their choice and then create an amazing photo frame. You can add effects as you want.

Edit and Design Videos

PicsArt provides a supportive back to video creators now you can edit snappy videos, YouTube content, or your casual videos by simply navigating among its tools. Without wasting time and energy you can utilize its intuitive tools to cut, trim, and also adjust the speed of your videos.

You can add many unique features to your video like adding animations, applying many filters, cropping the video, add text and stickers.

Add Text to Photos

You can add spark to your dead with the help of text in different styles and fonts. Overlay this text in the form of titles. Subtitles, captions, quotes, and descriptions of videos.

Add AI Filters and Effects

Nowadays, it has become a trend to add AI filters and Effects. PicsArt offers almost 500 filters of multiple categories. You can add dramatic effects to your pictures and videos with black-and-white filters. Moreover, you can blur any part or clear another to draw more focus on the content. Choose any template of your choice and add these filters to turn it into amazing art.

Generate and Replace Imagery in Photos

This feature is a test of your creativity which helps you to add elements and remove the same within photos. This can be possible with AI replacing object that helps you to make any kind of replacement in it.

Aspect Ratio

Every app has its own expected ratio to adjust its height and width. These size bands have an option of aspect ratio in PicsArt MOD APK. You can use it for photography and videography to adjust them to any size of your choice.


The retouch option converts your pictures to portrait and you can touch each part of the face separately and can do any customizations which you. This feature opens the way for endless customizations for you.

Tips To Get the Best Profile Picture

  • Focus on your pose
  • Be simple and keep your face right in the direction of the camera.
  • Don’t open a flashlight if taking a picture already in the light.
  • There must be a smile on your face.

Why Should We Use PicsArt?

We should use PicsArt because it is recommended as one of the best video editors for mobile users. For those interested in photo editing art, the best editing tool is PicsArt Gold mod, which offers many unique features such as crop, stretch, picture, many frames, background removal, border, and filters.

The fun thing is it gives you many brushes, and you can also resize the picture and add all kinds of fonts and textures to the picture. You can make your photo very unique and will have a great editing experience.

Key Features

  • Camera gridline.
  • Edit high-quality images
  • Make changes to skin tone and eye size
  • Can change hair colour
  • Multiple text font styles
  • Wide range of stickers
  • Cut or trim any part in your photo and video
  • Edit multiple photos to make a collage
  • Multi-layer editing
  • Availability of flash lenses
  • Access to photo frames                    
  • Use brushes to remove any impurities from the skin.
  • AI feature to remove the background

Requirement for PicsArt premium mod




Octa – Core Plus

Internet Connection

To install the app, you’ll need an internet connection and access to online features like stickers and filters.

Enabling Unknown Sources finds an error

To download the PicsArt APK mod, activate the “Unknown Sources” permission in your mobile settings. This feature makes installing third-party apps unavailable on the Play Store easy.

How to Download and Install PicsArt MOD APK on Your Mobile?

To download and install PicsArt MOD Versions on your Android devices follow the given steps.

Colorful Clean Project Planning Concept Map Graph

How to Download PicsArt for iPhone/iOS?

Here is step-by-step guidance for iOS users to install the app on their iPhones, iPads iPods, etc.


Click the given download button.


It will take a while to download the app.


Open the “General Settings” on your mobile and tap on the “Profile and Device Management” option.


Locate your downloaded file of PicsArt.


 Then click to install it.

The app will install on your device within a few seconds then open the app and give your pictures a professional touch with its advanced features.

How To Download PicsArt for PC?

PicsArt can’t run on your PC but with the help of Android emulators like BlueStacks which is specially developed to run APK apps, you can enjoy its amazing visuals on a big screen.

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Now, you have an updated version of PicsArt on your PC. Enjoy its stunning visuals by applying its mod features to your editing content.

How to Download PicsArt for Macbook?

The same steps will be applied to download picsart for Macbook as we have done for iOS.


I’ve provided a download button for the MOD APK file of PicsArt.


Click on and within a file it will be available in device storage.


Then allow permissions to install the app.


Create an Apple ID and log in to your account to install the app.

Common Errors

Sometimes, while using the app I faced common errors that you can also face. First, recognize them and then troubleshoot with the help of given methods.

  • If you are using outdated versions or several apps are running in the background then the app may get crash.
  • Getting errors while downloading or saving images.
  • Errors in AI tools.
  • Errors while applying effects.
  • Showing watermarks in the video.

How to Troubleshoot these Errors?

Try these simple steps to fix these errors.

  • Restart your device.
  • Update the app to the latest version or mod version.
  • These errors can be fixed if you clear the cache.
  • Apply features to different images.
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it for smooth working.
  • You can ask about your problems in the PicsArt community if your problems persist.

Screenshots of PicsArt mod APK

Pros and Cons of PicsArt



  • Advanced editing tools
  • Premium effects and filters
  • Collage maker and drawing
  • Impressive range of clipart and stickers
  • Share on social media
  • Updated to new features
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Free to use
  • High-resolution export
  • Sometimes it is difficult for newbies to learn its complicated features.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions

PicsArt mod APK is a modified version of a simple app in which all features are fully unlocked. As I mentioned above, you don’t need to buy anything to use the app because it is free.

You can use this unique app to edit your pictures and videos. Animations and many advanced AI tools are offered to you especially to add text, and filters, and remove the background.

Yes, no watermark feature is present in PicsArt APK, which helps you to share your photos or videos without a watermark. This is the most prominent and important feature of this app which you will not find in previous versions.

Yes, the app is safe to use and free from any kind of viruses and malware issues. The developers have passed the app through several virus detectors and then launched it.

PicsArt MOD APK also has its premium Gold version which has also the same features that you will find in it. You don’t need money to use this app because everything is totally free and access anything from the asset store.

Yes, the app is compatible with all operating systems that have all the features and premium content.

No, you can’t update it from the Play Store, because it is a modified version that you have downloaded from third-party apps.

This is not necessary to log in to your account. If you want you can do this but it is optional.

User Reviews


In the end, Picsart MOD APK plays an important role in photo and video editing with all the premium features you will get. It is a perfect app for the user who is a newbie to photo editing to use and start a great career. You will see many new features and tools in this app.

Photo editing is also a great skill that can earn you a great job. I’ve provided all the details on how to download the app with system requirements and its compatibility. This is the right time to get the app and do bulk projects fluently. This ads-free and no watermark version of PicsArt will never cause interruption in your workflow while editing.