Generate a QR Code For Free in Picsart (2024)

Did you know that PicsArt is a popular editing app for various purposes? Some people require QR codes for business marketing, while others use them on menu cards, coupons, and stores. If the user wants the barcode to be unique and easily recognisable, you can generate a QR Code it by following a set of guidelines with the latest version of Picsart.

Generate a QR Code

How to generate a QR code in the PicsArt app?


open the Picsart app and then click on the More Tool button. It will be located in the left side menu bar and will be named QR Generator.


To generate a QR code, you’ll need to enter or paste the link into the designated QR generator box. Once you’ve done that, you can select a frame design that best fits your needs


After completing the task, press the support button to save the QR code along with the download.

Features of Generating a QR code in picsart

Generating a QR code is easy.

Free of Cost.

Quick access

Generate a QR code without ads and no watermark.

Quick Generate personalised AI QR code

AI features of the Picsart app

AI image Generator

Improve your photos and unleash your creativity with the Picsart app. This app offers a variety of features for editing both photos and videos, including an AI-powered image generator. With hundreds of styles to choose from, users can easily create unique images by editing text prompts and details. The app’s AI image generator can also save time by automating the image creation process.

AI logo Generator

The logo creature feature in PicsArt enhances website views with unique styles and colours. A logo is a website’s identity and attracts users. AI logo generators are not limited to specific businesses – users can create logos for all kinds of industries, such as shopping malls, clinical websites, art galleries, institutes, the fashion industry, and more.

AI gif  Generator

Picsart offers a unique feature of generating gifs, allowing users to turn their text into a gif with minimal effort. Once the AI GIF is created, it can be easily shared on social media platforms to showcase the user’s artistic skills. Picsart is a free and user-friendly tool that enables even a novice user to create gifs in just a few seconds.

The QR Code can be designed for different purposes

Offline Marketing

QR codes provide an effortless way for users to access additional information about products and businesses. These codes act as a bridge between physical posters and online content. With the help of the Picsart app, users can enhance their offline marketing efforts. They can also easily access offers and promotions by linking to their social media profiles through the QR code.


Once a QR code is generated, users can effortlessly access product details, and valuable content and even simplify the checkout process. In the world of E-commerce, users can easily track their shipment orders and complete transactions via mobile. This code offers customers the ability to leave direct reviews on products and shipments, which can help build a positive online reputation.


Instead of using paper lists or showing identification, people can use a QR code to enter business events and see presentations. This is a secure way to control who enters because only people with a unique QR code can get in. Plus, sharing information about scanning codes makes it easier to network with others.


In school, students can easily find articles, videos, books, and other helpful information related to their lessons by scanning a QR code. They can also listen to audio material to improve their language skills by scanning the same code. To submit their assignments and quizzes, students can just attach them to the code and submit them online.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions

yes, Users can generate a QR code for free by clicking on “More Tools.”

Users can access the app on their smartphone and gain in-depth knowledge.


Generating a QR code can help small business owners save time and money while expanding their reach. With our user-friendly platform, creating a custom QR code for your brand is quick and easy. By simply generating the code, you can access a wealth of information about your desired app. Give it a try and see how our service can benefit your business!

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